Lloyd X

The man the time

Supreme Knowledge

Day by day I strive to serve Allah and his Messenger. I try to uphold the standards that my parents instilled in me.

Did you know that knowledge must be constantly updated, or it will perish. We must educate our selves and our Children. I have been involved with education since 1990, working for schools and teaching for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Without education the people have nowhere to go. No education, no hopes and no hope, no vision. Where there is no vision the people perish.

Today, let’s make it count by learning, and as we learn, each one teach one, Big Poppa!.

Supreme means highest in rank or authority



About Me

I am committed to helping the Brothers and Sisters who aren't afraid to hit the streets and talk with our youth. We must stop the killing.

I have deep ties in the Black Community. I am family oriented. I love my Children. I have respect for my parents and others. If you respect others, then others will respect you.

We cannot be afraid to protect our Women, if you are afraid then you are a coward, and a coward is not a Man.

Don't try to figure me out, figure out yourself, then you have figured me out. I will do the same thing you will do, I'll take it to the Xdegree!

Why would you stand there and beg someone to give you that,which is theres, no, you should stand up like a man and get that whcih belongs to  you. You can't blame the whiteman now because he has freed you, so get up and go do something for self.


Son Corey Parker.