In the most Holy name of Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muahmmad

 1981 Our humble beginnings.

If you were back in the humble beginnings of the Nation of Islam in early 1981, you would know that there is a God who is behind us. The Brotherhood was tight. We truly loved each other. We never wanted to part each other’s company. I never wanted to go home.  We were a new generation of Muslims as the Minister put it. I watched the FOI around the Minister. They were sharp, clean cut, low haircuts,  some had shinny balled heads, as I still had the Fro. The Brothers would drop hints about the cut, but were patient with me. Then one day I showed up for a Saturday Morning FOI class, and almost did not get in because they did not know who I was with the low cut…LOL.

One day I was watching the Minister as he called up the Minister of the western region of the Nation of Islam. That Brother was sharp.  As he approached Minister Farrakhan he was in the Salute Stance. The Minister returned the Salute and they way they did it was like nothing I have ever witness before. Salute Greet and Salute. Look man, I Saluted Four Star Generals in the United States Army. But what I saw that day, there was nothing like it in the Army or no where on earth. One day I said to myself that I will salute the Minister just like that. I returned home that day and all I did was dream about what I had seen, and even to this day I still have the vision of a Mighty Command and Chief saluting his Regional Minister, thanks to the Great and Holy God Allah, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.

After that I tried to make every meeting that I could. These were the most exciting times you could ever imagine. I have never experience anything like the emotional mood swings that would come over me in a two to three hour period. I would be totally in awe, as the child bumps and the hair would be rising on my arms and I would listen to Minister Farrakhan intensely. At other times tears would be streaming down my face as the Minister would teach us of the horror of Slavery. The learning that I recieved in one lecture I never got in one year of public schooling. I am ready to fight because his enemies became my enemies. The Minister in those days would have us Men and Women ready for battle. Emotionally I was out of control and the Minister seems to know it because as quickly as he would take you to the height of your emotions, he would craftily bring you back down to earth and cool us off before we were dismiss. Had he not brought me back down to earth, there is no telling what I would have done. Let me tell you that sometimes when the Minister would teach us late, you could hear a pin drop. My mouth would be wide open, all eyes were on the Minister and he taught us for sometime up to three four straight hours.

There were times when we would arrive at the old Wiebolts department store, where we held meetings on the teaching of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,  and it would be cold in the building. There was no heat. We used space heater to warm up the place. I remember seeing steam come from the Ministers breath as he spoke. At times the Minister would dismiss us early because the space heaters would cause the Sisters to choke. My eyes would water but I did not care, as long as the Minister was there, I too was there, and I mean I would not move. The only thing that could get me out of the building was death itself.  Nothing stopped us from attending the meeting cold or not, space heaters or not. There was a hole in the roof as I saw small drops of rain coming in. But that did not stop the Minister, he kept right on teaching.

One time I was sitting and watching the Minister and Brother Theron X. marched the FOI thru the meeting. You could hear the footsteps in cadences and I was amazed. I used to march in the US Army and to see that again was all it took now for me to become a soldier again, but this time in Muhammad’s Army. All of a sudden the Minister stopped his speech and told the Brother Theron X not to ever interrupt his meeting again marching the FOI. I was amazed again at the Minister and the tone he took to put the Brother in check. If you ever saw the Minister with his stern look, it will make you swallow. The Man is Bold as a Lion. WoW and the way that the Minister said it was with Supreme Authority. Make no mistake about it, after I witness that, I knew who the commander and chief was. 

I think that was the last time I ever saw Brother Theron X.