In the name of Allah the all wise true and living God. The one God to whom all praise is due. We thank Allah for coming to us in the person of Master Fard Muhammad, the great God who wants to come and has come to seek and to save that which is lost, lost and surrounded completely by our former Slave Master. Those of us who understand the coming of Master Fard Muhammad are grateful and are willing to make the sacrifice necessary for the freedom of all Black people here in the hells of North America and throughout the world. We thank Allah for raising for us a Messenger, and that Messenger with whom I speak is the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad had a few hundred Ministers, but the greatest of his entire Ministers is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan our great Brother, Devine Leader and Warner to us all. I greet the reader in the Nations greeting of peace and paradise of As-Salaam Alaikum.

It was 1981 just shortly after our first Saviour's Day in seven years in the city of Chicago. I first met, Minister Louis Farrakhan the Nation Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam. I was with my cousin and my nice Lady friend who is the Mother of my Children when I came to the Tabernacle Baptist Church where the Minister was delivering his speech of, "In Christ all things are possible". I had heard the Minister on the Radio one night in Waterloo, Iowa. I was taking a lunch break as I worked second shift at Chamberlain MFG., a Department of Defense contractor. There at Chamberlain, I worked in Research and Development. As I heard the Minister he caught my ear. I quickly got a cassette tape and recorded that which I could get and returned back to work late. I played this tape over and over and I wondered who this Man Farrakhan. The Minister did mention his relationship with Minister Malcolm X, and I was really trying to dig more into this very speech. Then one day Cousin said lets go to Chicago to hear this Minister that I thought was so dynamic. At that time I thought I was the Mack of the year. This was the way of life I thought. I watched the Mack, Superfly, Silky Slim, I read books on Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim, and I was all of them in one. Everybody wanted to be a player and I was young at 22 years of age and about to bust. I was playing the Women and hanging in and out of the bars drinking, smoking and doing all of the drugs I could get my hands on. I told cousin yes and grabbed a 50th of Black Velvet and drank it on the way to Chicago from Waterloo, about a 3 1/2 hour drive. By the time we had made it to Chicago I was pretty lit up. I was so drunk that I accused my lady friend of trying to have a relationship with my cousin because I was in the back seat of the car drunk, sleep and I didn't know how I got back there. Finally we arrived at the Church as I finished the last off the black velvet. I got out of the car and somehow I made my way up the stairs into the atrium and there the FOI was at the door receiving the people and placing people in a room to be searched. I went OFF. What the F__K you are searching me for, I anit no criminal, I said this, I said that and the other. The Brother FOI was about to get knee deep into my behind, when one of the Brother FOI stepped up and said no Brother put him in the Balcony. So they separated me from my lady friend, the Mother of my Children and my cousin and put me in the Balcony.

Out comes the Minister. I noticed these Brothers Body Guards bringing the Minister on to the rostrum and WoW... low and behold this Man began to speak and within 30 minutes I had began to sober. This was my first encounter with the awesome power of Farrakhan as the Man began to sober me within 30 minutes. He stood there mighty, a golden glow was imamating from his face, I saw the power of God in a Man and I have never seen nothing like that.  After the meeting I had this feeling of being sober and my mind was totally in a new world order. Now, right then and there I began to wrestle with myself. I wanted to be the Mack, but at the same time on this day I need to see and learn more of Minister Louis Farrakhan. After I saw my Lady Friend and cousin, I was a different Man. The next day the Minister was teaching in an old Wiebolts store that had no lights or heat in the place. That day I met the Supreme Captain Theron X, the Assistant Supreme Captain Brother William JX and the Brother LT. Michael. These were my first Commanders and Brothers in NOI and I loved them all. I still remember to this day, the message that Minister taught on Moses. My life began to take change within a single 24 hour period. Six months later I became Lloyd X.

This is a true story.