All praise is due to Allah in the person of Master Fard Muahmmad for coming and finding us and after finding us, having the power to deliver us.

The end of an era…

I remember it was Easter 1982 and we were no longer in the Wiebolts location.  The Minister broke down Saviours' Day, Easter Day, Mothers Day and the 4th. The Nation of Islam (NOI) was conducting teaching at a Church on south side of Chicago at 2pm. I would get there early as the Christian Preacher would wrap up his sermon. I, and a couple of other Brothers would be so excited because we knew that our Man was coming behind him to light it up. Like with all hurricanes, it’s the clam before the storm.  Right after the Preacher, this Fire Ball Minister of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad comes. And boy oh boy did he ever come.  Just when you think that the Minister was at a Plato in his teaching of us, and of course I am still new, he teaches me something that I have never thought of. Easter, a chocolate bunny and sex. If you have never heard the Minister’s fine teaching of this subject of Easter, get one of the old tapes from the early 80’s and the time will come for you  like it did for me, and that is wake up time.

Count with me, from Good Friday to Sunday. From Friday to Saturday is 24 hours or day one. From Saturday until Sunday is 48 hours or day two. The Slave Master has taught us that the Jesus rose on the third day but how could he rise on the third day when in actuality it is 48 hours. How could Jesus rise on the Third day? Fact about it, the third day is Monday. You do the Math and come back and talk to me. The more and more I learned from this great Man, the more and more I began to see that the sleeping Giant is no longer sleeping dead. I began to humble myself.

After the meeting I went back to visit that Wiebolts location. That is sacred grounds. The door had the usual Iron Gate spread across it as this type of security is common on the streets of Chicago. A lot of trash, and wine bottles were lodged between the Iron Gate and the glass entry door. The NOI had moved on but I had this sad feeling inside me for this was the birth spot for me in the NOI. The building was scheduled for demolition as I noticed and took one last look the hole in the roof. That era came to an end.  As with all babies, they must grow and evolved into what they must eventually become. No one knew what was next for the NOI but we knew whatever it was, we were ready.

Then comes Mother’s Day. Again like always the Minister delivered a shocking and powerful speech.  The Minister broke down the Meaning of Mother’s Day and after that I had a profound respect for my Mother and other Mothers throughout the world.

 But in 1982, what summed it all up was the Fourth of July.  On July 4th, 1930 Master Fard Muhammad revealed himself in America, in Black Bottom Detroit. He was in fact the fulfillment of scripture. He searched 9000 miles for us, the lost Brother, the lost Sheep. He came in sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh. When Master Fard Muhammad came to America he looked like the Caucasian fulfilling the scripture of the thief in the night. He revealed himself on the same day that the Caucasian was celebrating their independence, the Great one declared the independence of a people, his people, the Blackman and Woman of America. In that night, a spiritual dark night, he came, for the purpose of saving you and me, thanks to almighty God Allah, for his coming, in the person of Master Fard Muhammad.