May the peace and the blessing fo Allah who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad be with the Black Muslims.

Protecting the Minister…

Late 1981, it was winter when I took on my first detail in the NOI. I was to sit in a car outside the Ministers house at 9415 South Damen Ave in Chicago. Boy was I proud to be among those selected for this extreme important detail. So I check in around 9pm I believe. Lt. Michaels was the one that I always reported to. Lt. Michaels was a real go getter type Brother. He did not want you to walk when he would call your name. He would say come on FOI I don’t have all day to wait. FOI is quick thinking fast moving right down to the modern times. For me to be selected made me feel tough. I knew the Brothers knew that I was tough because I did talk tough. We would sit out there in that cold, windows all steamed up and did not start the car until we were absolutely cold, because we did not want to disturbed the Minister family so we started the car only when we had too. My feet and hand froze but I did not care, this was the love and protection for the Minister House.

One day I was holding the duty of protecting the Ministers house. This time it was in the AM hours. Now that I have been told the White Man is the enemy of Farrakhan and that they seek to kill him, for this duty required a wide awake man. He must be on the alert. Unlike holding guard duty in the US Army, a duty that I hated, guard duty for the Minister, I took as an honor.  I was proud to sit outside the Minister house while his family rested.  In the winter of 1981 it was very cold but when you are on this type of detail you don’t noticed cold at all.

I remember the Brothers having to teach me how to hold this type of duty. On one occasion the Mail Man came to deliver the mail at the Ministers house. Well I though no White Person could come to the Minster house and so I redirected the Mail Man across the street and that we would get the mail and bring it to the Ministers house. You know when you are young and ready for was as I was, I could see now the problems I presented to the Assistant Supreme Captain Brother William J. X and Lt. Michaels. We did not have a large pool of Brothers to work with at that time and I was eager and willing to serve so the Assistant Supreme Cap and Lt. used what they had at that time. I thank almighty God Allah that I was one of the ones used at that point to help us become what we are now. It is what it was at that time.  As they explain to me that I could not do that and that the mail man had important mail to deliver to the Minister and or unless the Mail Man displayed aggressive behavior that I was not to do such a thing again. I was more of a problem to these Brothers than the open enemy. But all praise is due to Allah for those Brothers as they always showed me love and understanding. Sometimes when they saw me they always had a little laugh. I know they knew that I was wild and crazy.

I held this post twice that I recall