By Xavier James


This article was copied and pasted into my web site. I don't claim or disclaim, its my web site to do and post what I feel is necessarry for you people to learn. -When Black folks hear sirens, see flashing lights, or someone yells out “police,” they look around and some just start running- weather they’ve done anything or not. They already know from their past experience with the police nothing good would come from encountering them. The only thing police mean to Black folks is false charges, imprisonment, beat downs and possibly getting shot in the back. But strangely and inexplicably, Black folks don’t run when they hear the name Jesus.


The name of the first slave ships to kidnap Black folks from Africa was the Mother Mary and The Good Ship Jesus. The front of The Good Ship Jesus had two Africans bound back to back. The head of all Christian churches, the Pope, said that your ancestors were infidels and it was the white man’s Christian duty to enslave them and teach them about Jesus Christ. Christians built churches over top of the slave dungeons where Africans were shackled. Every Sunday your great, great, great grandparents would hear them singing hymns to Jesus while many of them lay dying on the dungeon floors. If that were you could you imagine your grandchildren singing about Jesus and telling people he died for them when it was actually you who died for them? Columbus killed millions of the indigenous population here in America; literally telling some of them he was sending them to meet Jesus.


The on again, off again Christian, King James (who Black folks love his Bible so much) was a slave owner; he peddled in Black flesh. Black folks have never understood that the bible wasn’t intended for them and was compiled by all Europeans; no Blacks or Africans were involved. Christian ministers used the Bible to justify their treatment of our great, great grandparents (1Timothy 6:1-5) and told them they should act as the “good book” says. The racist mobs that use to lynch your cousins down south did so in the name of Jesus. These Christian mobs often hung Black folks after Sunday church service; all in the name of Jesus. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson said Blacks in Haiti were being punished for their slave uprising; basically being punished for refusing to be good Christian slaves.


The pale, white, Christian minister Jim Jones killed more Black people at one time then any other man in modern history. Some of the Black folks were even running around calling him “father” and “dad.” In 1978 out of the 900 people he killed in the name of Jesus over 700 were Black folks. Jones forced or coerced his followers to drink a sweet, poisonous concoction; hence the term people use today; “drink the Kool-Aid.” And guess what; the majority of people who escaped death that day were all white folks! David Koresh took his Jesus Christ theology to a whole new level. He told his followers that he himself was actually Jesus. And Black folks believed that too. In fact, they believed it so much dozens of Black folks and their children were shot or burned to death right along with him during the 1993 Waco siege.


George W. Bush said he put his faith in Jesus Christ as he sat back and watched all those Black folks starve, drown and die during hurricane Katrina. Christian missionaries who go to Africa in the name of Jesus are still there injecting AIDS, Ebola and other diseases into the unknowing populace. Did you forget, it was a Christian who put Anthrax in your own mailbox? Black folks are extremely reluctant to admit that they have been conned. Instead, they work tirelessly to bring others into their Jesus Christ mindset trying to reassure themselves that white folks are right and their own Black ancestors were wrong; never bothering to research the information for themselves.


Every Sunday your pastor tells you the same thing slave masters of old use to tell their slaves about Jesus. That in of itself seems strange doesn’t it? Why would the slave master give the slave his religion? Answer: To keep him enslaved. The Negro pastor who tells you it’s not the messenger- it’s the message is exactly right. And that message has been clear and consistent for over 450 years now; when Black folks hear the name Jesus….they should run! Taken from