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Malcolm X Apology...

Here you will find some of the important web site for your learning.

Saviours' Day

Elijah Muhammad
He is the first fruit of those who slept..

The history of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan

Louis in FOI uniform

Master Fard Muhammad

How to Eat to Live
Book One
Book Two

The Tribe of Shabazz
Part 1
Part 2

Ethnic BOMB
BOMB will Kill Ethnics!!!

Ethnic Bomb Comments!


What will you do in the event of a DISASTER


Short Stories about my experiences in the NOI

1981 my first experience in the NOI

1981 our humble beginnings

1981 protecting the Minister

1982 end of an era

1981 SD 1

1981 SD video 1

1981 SD video 2

Death to those...
Farrakhan speaks! This is what Muhammad wanted.

Willie Lynch
The Willie Lynch Speech

Jesus of Lubeck

The middle passage
According to PBS.ORG

The middle passage South Carolina

Actual Fact Earth's Axis


India Arie Strange Fruit
Billie Holiday Strange Fruit

Israel Born

After the Holocaust, the world recognized that Jews need a home because all the atrocities done to them anywhere else. So by UN vote on 1948 the modern state of Israel was established.
So God nor did Jesus lead the Jews into the land of Israel.

The birth of Israel

Order Now!!
The secret relationship between Blacks and Jews
Vol 1  Vol 2

JamesTowne VA
JamesTowne Virginia

Fire Escape Ladder

Turns bedroom window into an instant fire escape

Lightweight, stores easily and unfolds in an instant

Sturdy, no-slip steel brackets

Holds up to 1,000 lbs.

Fire Escape Ladder

The ICE man Jerry Buttler

King Curtis!

Curtis Mayfield

Curtis Mayfield

We people who are darker than blue

Curtis Curtis Curtis
Curtis Curtis Curtis
Curtis Curtis Curtis
Curtis Curtis Curtis

Etta James
 I'd rather go blind

U' ve gotta hurt b 4 u heal

AS soon as the weather breaks


What U didn't know about the EARTH

Earthbag House Plans

Beyond 90 ' with Earth BAGS

Click ME

The Truth of the Song Precious Lord